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August 21, 2007


Hi! I found your blog through tastespotting the other day and have since been reading through your archives. I love your writing style and sense of humor! Your family dynamics are both heartwarming and entertaining. I married a programmer, not an engineer, but I still see a lot of behavioral similarities. Husband, Dad, Sis (,the rest of you commenters), your comments really add a lot to this already awesome blog.

Your tomato looks beautiful - husband did a nice staking job. (Hope his arms don't get too tired...) Didn't you grow zuccini this year as well? This recipe looks great Tammy. I'll bet the raisins give it just the right sweetness.

Sally: I love this sauce. Sweet from the raisins, salty from the capers and olives. Can't get enough. As for the zucchini, none of the seeds sprouted. None of them. But, I guess it doesn't matter because the groundhog has mowed down everything else in that garden, including what was shaping up to be some beautiful Swiss chard.

Melch: Yes, I'm lucky to have such awesome commenters, which makes blogging all the more fun. Welcome to the group!

I could not just stand by and watch these giant tomato trees groan and flop over under their own unsupported weight. Something had to be done!

And Chucky the woodchuck has a price on his head.

Husband, you are my hero for saving those tomatoes. Hope can always be restored with a little engineering!

Oh, I'm going to have to borrow him.

All I can say is way to pull the beanstalk approach with the tomatoes. Totally innovative! Gutters are good for many things other than collecting leaves!

The word puttanesca makes me giggle.

Pasta: Have you heard the one about the whores that make a really good tomato sauce?

Carey: You were close with the gutters. There's actually a clothesline thing with birdfeeders that runs across there that he attached the strings to. But, when they outgrow that, the gutters are next.

CC: He doesn't come cheap.

Jim: Turns out marrying an engineer was a good idea, after all.

Husband: You did good. Don't let all the accolades go to your head.

Your sauce recipe looks wonderful. I've tried growing heirloom tomatoes here in Long Island but haven't had much luck (maybe it's the sandy soil...) Anyhow, great blog post---thanks! chefjp

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