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August 29, 2007


BLOOD Farm? Gee, I wonder why they don't have more business......

Is this just red meat, or are you lacking in the poultry department? I know there is a company (farm?) in Upton that makes good pot pies, they sell them at one of our farm stands up here on the North Shore, Connolly's in Danvers. There is also a place in Reading, right off of 128, Harrow's, that is mildly famous (I think) for their pies. www.chickenpie.com But who knows if they meet the criteria? A cursory web site review helped me not at all discover the home of the chickens (or the veggies they accompany, for that matter). There's a nice little veggie/plant stand right next to Harrow's, too, Calareso's. I go there for my holiday greens. Well - there's some random info. for you to enjoy :-)

One more thing - if you're looking to DRINK local, there is a nice farm up in Ipswich, very close to Crane Beach, that has made fruity wines for a while. I'm not a huge fan of fruity wines, but I do like hard cider and I noticed last time I was there that they now make their own hard cider. It's called Russell Orchards, www.russellorchards.com - they also make EXCELLENT cider donuts that must be eaten immediately.

Eeeeee! Yeah.
You are finding your (shizzle). This is going to be so much fun for you.
One of the secrets, as you have just learned, is to ask. And to receive. Wisdom.
There's a community out there that wants to help.
I wish you a super September.

I have offered a potential source of local meat. So far the response is not favorable.

Beautiful photos Tammy! You're doing a bang-up job of finding local sources. Good for you!

Did someone say...hard cider?

Godspeed finding even more local meat, Tammy, but do us a favor and tell the folks running Blood Farm that they might want to consider a name update. Or at least spell it Blud Farm. With an umlaut. Or something.

I know you are looking for protein sources, so what about vegetarian options, such as beans, lentils? Or maybe you've already covered those.

Sunny12: Excellent question. Sometimes, I'll admit, I'm blinded by meat. But, I did find a label called Baer's Best out of Hamilton, MA that sells all manner of dried beans, lentils, as well as bulghur wheat and, as I just found out today, pearled barley. Woo hoo! Thank you, Russo's.

Jim: I think Blood is a family name, so their occupational options were pretty limited. For the purposes of the Eat Local Challenge, I'm glad Mr. Blood decided not to go to medical school. Or gangster school.

Sally: Thanks. I love the picture of the pig sleeping in the glistening mud.

Husband: Um...yeah.

CC: You, too. I'll see you in Canning 101.

Susanna: I'm definitely in need of poultry, but maybe without the pie. Thanks for the tips. I'm all over that hard cider (and doughnuts).

Karen: There's nothing like good, old-fashioned honesty.

SOMEbody at the Belmont Farmer's Market had local bacon for sale a couple of weeks ago.

(looking at the vendor list...)

Maybe it was Not Your Ordinary Farm? Hmmm, Guilford, VT, not so local I guess.

I'm glad you liked Codman Farm. I was only there the one time and really enjoyed it. My son was not at all pleased that the adorable ducklings weren't up for a snuggle though.

I think that Blood Farm is actually the "processing plant." The also "process" for Drumlin Farm and some others. So the meat you got was from animals raised at Codman Farm.

If you get the chance to try the pork from Stillman's I think you will be very happy!

Second the recommendation of Stillman's. Their bacon is good - really damn expensive at $12/lb (for perspective, it's more expensive than NYC farmer's market bacon), but local and good.

They also do chicken and a meat farmshare.

For the record on Blood Farm, it is run by people whose last name is, actually, Blood--an old Groton family, I understand. So lay off 'em, folks. An honest name for an honest profession. Yeah, it's a little creepy, but then, as Barbara Kingsolver (and others) put it, if you're going to eat, something's going to die, whether it be carrot or cow. Might as well be honest about it.

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