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August 23, 2007


How long are you doing the eat local thing? If you need local meat, I may be able to help.

I can help you out here, but, umm...well...it's not local to YOU, but it's local to ME. Does that count?

I'm in Cambridge and have been getting meat from The Turkey Farm at Stillman Farm from the Cambridgeport farmers' market (Saturday) and Harvard Sq market (Sunday). They are in Hardwick.

There's also a farm that sells great meat at the Central Sq market on Mondays I think it is Austin Brothers Farm. They are in Belchertown.

Did you try Codman Farm around the corner from Drumlin? I was there a few weeks ago and they had a little meat in their freezer (some pork and lots of beef).

Lisa: I guess I've been going to the wrong farmers' markets! They don't often hype the meat side of it, I've noticed. Anyway, THANK YOU for the great advice. I actually didn't know about Codman. I always wondered where the other side of the fork in 117 went. Straight to Codman, apparently.

Sally: Due to our inconvenient geography, might I suggest you eat my share?

Eclectician: I'm going to try for the whole month. We'll see if I make it. Can I holler if I get desperate?

I've got a freezer full of pork if you need some. Other option - The Coolidge Corner Farmer's Market (Thursdays) has turkey, beef and fish available. And don't forget to check EatWild.

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