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August 01, 2007


Thanks so much for the link! :-)

If I ever raise children, the kitchen/dinner table will be battlegrounds where wills are tested and men are made. I shudder to imagine slaving away cooking something that someone refuses to eat solely because "it looks gross," even if I said that approximately three million times to my mother as a tot.

Jim: That's the spirit. Don't let your hypothetical spawn break you.

CityMama: No, thank YOU for your blog.

Don't worry - all kids do that. Our grandson (who is now 7) would go through non-eating days. Weeks, even. Then he would have his eating days where you couldn't fill the kid up. He'll eat anything with Ranch dressing to dip it in. Even his fish sticks! So, my suggestion? Keep LOTS of Ranch dressing around. Kids love it.

Yum! Really, when I asked the question, I meant "me-friendly." Fast and easy - necessitated by the toddler. But who eats 3/4 of the toddler's meal that he leaves on the plate when he departs after a mere 7 minutes of mealtime? ME! These are great, thanks! :-) And Sally's right - Ranch is magic. Actually, all dressings and condiments (aka "dip") make our toddler happy.

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