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July 25, 2007


The 8 (or was it 10?) packages of hot dogs were shocking to say the least. Also the corresponding buns. That is waaaayyy too many buns.

I hate Costco/BJ's/Sam's Club. Those stores are for people who live in big houses with spacious pantries and lots of storage. Not for folks who live in a 1920-built colonial with small cabinets and an unfinished basement.

Pfft. Ten packs of hot dogs, Husband? That's a mere appetizer.

Costco is a great place to go when you want free lunch. Simply wander the aisles, taking as many samples as you like until you are full. The greeters will start glaring after sample five, but they can do nothing.

I hope you're not planning on trusting them for any fresh ingredients, though--the idea of a store where you can buy ultra-cheap low-grade meat and, at the other end, a bargain coffin is utterly terrifying.

Jim: Samples? Oh, that's what those people were doing. I thought they were car salesmen. I avoided eye contact.

No fresh stuff, fear not. I have the farm, my favorite produce market, and the dairy deliveries for that. But I did get a HUGE bottle of multi-vitamins. Are they supposed to make you tired? That's okay, only 247 strength-sapping vitamins to go.

After paying NYC prices (read: close to $4) for a 4 pack of measly, cardboard-style TP, Costco is sounding pretty wonderful right about now.

Okay... being that a half gallon of silk soymilk costs like $7.50 out here in Maui, I've learned how to do "smart" shopping.

This, sadly, involves me packing a cooler in my car so that I can make the 2 hour treck to 3 different stores without the cold stuff going bad. The first of which is typically Costco. My suggestion for Costco shopping? Cleaning and paper supplies (paper including diapers, wipes and feminine products). Also, pasta and sauce I may get because... you know... we're italian.

Other than that... just keep wheeling the cart. Don't stop because believe me, everything that you buy on impulse will go to waste. Toilet paper doesn't go bad (unused... that is), neither does laundry detergent. And out here, the difference in cost throughout the year can literally save thousands of dollars.

So, that's my suggestion. No more hot dog buns... but tampons definitely. (beware: their slightly chewer and that tricky string can sometimes cause a problem)

Sis: Built-in floss!

Nosheteria: I didn't even know they sold 4-packs of stuff in NYC. Where do you store it?

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