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July 09, 2007


Something must be wrong with boy if he doesn't like smores!

For those of us new to fish -- what does striped bass taste like? Is it like tilipia? We know we like that one! :)

Well, this should have been posted with your last post, but welcome home! I missed reading.

Susanna: Can't let the posts get too long or you'll start skimming.

Kathy: I dunno, what does tilapia taste like? Actually, I think I had tilapia once and it tasted like halibut. Firm and white. That's how I'd describe halibut. Some writer I am. Striped bass is...less firm and less white. Moister. I'm not helping, am I? Try it and report back with better adjectives.

Wasn't that salad GOOD? I think it was the mint and the olives that made it so amazingly nummy.

I'm glad you're back - I missed you posting!

I've missed much in my away time.. am so happy you had a good vacation - and although I've never been there, I'm with you! From what you described about the Cape, I'd be all over it too. Right up my alley!

The fish looks SO GOOD. Will try it with the salsa AND that salad. Yum!

Strange child of yours.. no s'more? Huh.

and HAR!!! The cats are VERY VALUABLE. hahahahaa


Oh no! I didn't mean YOUR post! I meant I should have said I missed reading you at the end of your "I'm home post!" Geez, I sounded totally rude. I didn't mean that at all! Just thrilled you are back and writing so I can read!

Susanna: No, my bad. Left my brain on vacation. Crap, I knew I'd forget something.

Lisa: The no s'mores thing must come from his father's side of the family. All the more for me.

Heath: Totally good. I might have missed it had you not called it out on your blog.

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