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July 15, 2007


Pizza? Thanks Tammy, but I really wanted those OTHER pics you took of yourself with the apron on! Ok, I'm happy with this as well! So sober, almost elegant.

Ilva: Everybody has a price...

It that plaid I see peeking out on the other side??!!

I like it.
So what's your price?

You realize that alluring apron photos, coupled with your previous MilfHunter and glazed donut entries, would make your traffic go through the roof, don't you?

Bottom Line: Slowly but surely, my little food blog is turning into a porn site.

Half Cup: For starters, some of that garlic-herb pull-apart bread on your blog...

Sally: That's the preschooler's art smock, which also doubles as his apron. You thought you caught me in a lie, didn't you! Keep trying. There will be other opportunities.

Is it possible you misread the rules of Ilva's contest? Because I clicked the link hoping for some hot chef action and found an innocent request for people to pose in their aprons ... no mention of stripping down to the altogether underneath.

Where is your mind?

Hater: Sometimes, when I go from English to English, things get added in translation.

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