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July 11, 2007


The photos look great, and Grandpa P has totally hot legs for a grandpa!

I've never been farther north than New York City, but you make it look appealing. Perhaps I should look into it.

PS, how did you get your kids to learn to go to sleep without nursing? It would be nice if my husband could get him to sleep once in a while, especially when school starts back in the fall and I won't even BE here to do it.

Wow! That was so interesting Tammy! Thanks so much for sharing. Lobster is my favorite seafood - you lucky girl.

I know Grandpa P and Grandma J and they never take for granted what you see on this page!! They enjoy EVERY minute of it. A very nice piece!!

What a great post!
~Especially for those of us who don't have a boston whala or our own lobsta trap.

Sandi: Spoken like a true Yank!

SS: They truly do! Thanks for visiting.

Sally: I'd be happy to eat a lobster in your honor.

Heath: Grandpa P will be happy to hear that. You're going to have to come further north than NYC. That doesn't even count at all. Not that I've been further south than Virginia (except for Florida, which totally doesn't count, either).

Wow. I've never eaten really fresh sea food. Throwing the smaller ones back must be tantalising but make you feel like St Francis.

CS: It's not easy. Then again, they get bigger!

Something I have never done. I know we have crabbing in the PNW and I need to go do that.
Okay so where are the lobster recipes?

I just recently posted on my recent road trip to the Boston area. We boiled lobsters... but didn't catch them! A quick trip to the Scituite Harbor for these.

I remembered seeing your post in July... fun!

I am very intrigued by the thought of catching and killing my own food. I don't know why...

Is it weird that I went there unprovoked?

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