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July 16, 2007


Wow. Those are HUGE tomato plants. Tomatoes hate me: perhaps because I never remember to plant them until like June. But everybody else gets these glorious bushy tomato plants, and I get little spindly sad orphan in the corner tomato plants.

I am envious! But I bought a book called "How to Grow More Vegetables Than You Ever Imagined in Less Space than You Thought Possible." I'm going to kick me some Mother Nature ass next year!

Holy cow! That's some big tomato plants you've got there little lady! And, what's up with the roses? Are those *dwarf* rose bushes? They're so teeny tiny. But, on the other hand, your rosemary looks really good. You rock Gardener Tammy!

Oh, they're going to get giganticker. You might even be sorry you planted them so close together.
Isn't this fun? Fake gardening. I know *I'm* faking it.
(I had the same "luck" with my dratted radishes last year. Feh.)

CC: I was sorry I planted them so close together as I was doing it, but there was no stopping that freight train. I'm so sad about the radishes, though. We eat them faster than my farmshare can pick them.

Sally: Yeah, but my other garden is crap. I don't know about those roses. They're usually bigger than that, but they're probably feeling a wee bit crowded.

Heath: I like the sound of that book. Mother Nature better watch her back.

Ha I'm probably such a nut posting this a year later but that was one TALL plant. And I was under the illusion that the roots 'were' the radish? Or so that's what I thought when I grew them a few years ago!

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