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July 13, 2007


I love the mental picture of stoves morphing into ovens and pot lids disappearing *poof* into thin air.

I promise to try this out - it sounds good and it's all stuff I have around except the salt pork (which, why DON'T I have that around? Yum!)

One of the few meat dishes (perhaps the only one) that my mom (nonni) made that I wasn't overly crazy about. Then again, I did like the sopping up of the juices part with fresh Italian bread. Of course, I haven't had it in a long while so maybe I'd like it better now (hint, hint!).

Cranky won my heart, oh so many years ago, with his version of rosemary-vinegar chicken. I bet yours is way better.
Wouldn't it be fun for me to make this for him? :D

I know that I have said this before, but your Friday posts really move me. I love the photos, the story -- the biographical narrative. These are REAL people, real dishes, and I can so much imagine my people doing the same things, if not the exact same things. If you know what I mean. (I grew up in the South, so my great grandma was not making chicken potacchio but rather fried chicken.)

Catherine: I know exactly what you mean. I hope you'll stick around for the Southern side of my family. We'll have to trade recipes and stories.

CC: Cranky knows what's good.

Dad: We already know you're crazy, but maybe your tastes have changed. When do you wanna come over?

Heath: I had to run out to get salt pork, too, and I asked myself that same question. Now, I have lots of extra in the freezer.

I am absolutely giving this recipe a shot--it looks phenomenal! Like Heath, I just gotta find some salt pork first.

Jim: Cool. Wish I could say the same about the maggot cheese shown on your blog!!

Yet another peasant Marchi dish approaching haute cuisine status! An excellent picnic/tailgating offering. Rosemary (along with fennel) are characteristic herbs of Marchegiano cuisine. Secret weapon here is the judicious use of salt pork! One of my Dad's favorite dishes, and now also one of my French Canadian son-in-law's! Bravo, from a native son New Havener who is also a PURE Marchegiano!

Tammy, I made this tonight, and EVERYONE (including three picky-though hungry- kids) wolfed it down. I loved the garlic smeared on the Italian bread. My breath is going to reek tonight :)Totally worth it! I should have doubled the recipe for the sauce...we are sauce lovers, and there wasn't too much left over (my only complaint). It was just that good! I also used fresh rosemary because we are in SoCal where it is a weed. Came out amazing!! Thank you for the recipe! I am making fried chicken masala tomorrow (it's hubby's fave!) Thanks again Tammy. You rock!! love, Katie

p.s. is everyone else's salt pork really hard to cut? I just threw it in almost whole.

Wow--I am so happy that I found your website! It could be my family--the recipes, the photos everything! My family grew up in New Haven and Hamden also. It just warms my heart to read all of your stories!

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