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July 27, 2007


I know just the chocolate lab for this recipe. I'm moving my spit to the backyard as we speak.

I'm sitting here, totally pissed off, with my mouth open. That jerk!! I'll bet Dora wonders now why it took her so long for her to boot him out the door. Argh!

Sally: Can you believe that? I mean, at least share.

Luther: Mmmm...chocolate lab. Yummy.

Unfortunately, the core of this story is all too true. My dad, now 93 lived his entire life with a very large chip on his shoulder; where he got it from exactly, we never knew. Hopefully, he has made his peace with heaven because somewhere out there is a pissed-off squirrel just waiting!

My favorite recipe from my Uncle Al was spaghetti with hot dogs in it. I can still hear him singing "Pupalina ". Oddly, I have no taste for either spaghetti or hot dogs ...

Some tribes believed that by eating portions of your opponent after killing him in battle, you gained his power. Maybe the guy was just trying to capitalize on his wife's affections for the squirrel?

...poor little squirrel. ;_;

Jim: Why do guys always think they can win the heart of the girl by killing/eating her pet?

Joey: Actually, this explains a lot. The origin of the hot dog gene has been revealed.

Dad: I hear the squirrel has friends in high places.

Great story! I heard my husband laughing over one of my mother's cookbooks recently. Turned out, her cookbook specified "2 grey squirrels" for Brunswick stew, one of his favorite dishes, and, reputedly, only authentic with squirrel.


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