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July 19, 2007


Tricky little taste bud - but yes it is a matter of opinion and varies wildly.

This is my favorite summer dessert. I had a heaping bowl of it last night topped with vanilla bean ice cream. It was unbelievably good.

You can NEVER forget the ice cream. If you do, you don't deserve the cobbler.

This is perfect. We just planted 2 blueberry bushes which are about to yield their first bunch of blueberries.

Sis: You'll never be able to collect enough, so tasty they are straight off the bush.

Jim: Well said. Can we enact legislation?

Husband: Now, we'll never lose the recipe.

Half Cup: Part of the fun is finding your own "best," no?

Jim - if you want to taste any of the blueberries, you need to cover the bushes with a net. I'm talking from experience!

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