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June 20, 2007


You mean little 'uns don't come with on/off switches?

This just made me chuckle... I'm trying to imagine carrying my 2 year old nephew around while picking strawberries... Yeah, that pictures drawn a blank, it's not possible to do. Haha :) Good thing for nice people!

yum! I'm making strawberry shortcake this weekend using local strawberries, which are so much better than the large monstrosities from california. I'll admit I don't always find a huge difference in the taste of produce between local and far away (perhaps my palate isn't very developed) except the huge difference in strawberries.
BTW, your photos are getting much better, this one is very good.

Sunny12: I'm making strawberry shortcake, too. I need to pick more strawberries, though. We ate that whole quart already. (I think I'll bring the preschooler next time.) Thanks for the photo compliment! If only I could have gotten the autofocus to focus in on the correct strawberry.

JS: People at farmshares are nice. Maybe delicious food + no pesticides + long walk to fields = better mood.

Inne: I wish. I'd pay top dollar for that.

well, I don't know if you did it on purpose or not, but I like the composition of the photo, the contrast of the colours (the blue of the carton against the brilliant red of the strawberries on the drab brown picnic table). There are also nice clean lines that help the focus.

Babies and strawberries are a good combo, aren't they? Particularly since strawberries STAIN. You might wonder how I know that. Why do so many delicious and allergenic fruits make so much damn laundry??

Now I want to go to a pick your own strawberry place. I could let the baby sit on the ground between the rows and eat dirt and strawberry leaves.

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