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June 26, 2007


You could always go with the Sandra Lee version:

Buy frozen strawberries, Cool Whip, and those little yellow cakey cup holder-looking things. Pour one on top of the other. Talk about how great your dinner party is going to be.

The end.

I LOVE strawberry shortcake. Once when the rest of my family was mysteriously elsewhere, my grandmother and I had it for a glorious dinner. I think Sandra Lee would probably stick some sort of flag on top of the shortcake, or at least a paper doily underneath.

Your picture is gorgeous, you silly bear.
I'm making biscuits tomorrow! Thanks for the recipe.
And I am so jealous of your refined, sleek berries. Out West they're just puffed-up monsters with no nuance.

CC: At least we have something over California. So, take that.

Susanna: What an awesome grandmother! Now that I look at this picture again, I'm not entirely sure that a red and white polka-dotted plate is any better than a paper doily.

Hater: That'll definitely be better. I'm ripping up my recipe as we speak.

Strawberry shortcake is the perfect summertime dessert.
These little shortcakes will soak up all the juice~ yummy

This is a very old post but I'm commenting anyway. I recently solved the problem of how-do-you-photograph-shortcake-when-it-is-so-yummy by putting together two shortcakes and eating the first while I took pictures of the second.

And afterward I ate the second one.

Is it possable for me to use the image of your Shortcake for my coursework?

Kimberley: That's fine. Thanks for asking!

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