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June 15, 2007


What, you're not feeding him dog food, are you??!!

Oh yeah, plus, I've been feeding him cat food. Forgot about that. So what's a little lead paint garnish.

I grew up with lead paint and I can stil mike misulf undastod.

I KNOW!!! Thank God Archie's too little for Thomas but now I worry every time he puts, say, the container for the wipes in his mouth, or the edge of the toy box - it seems like anything that isn't specifically labeled as safe for 6 months or as a teething toy is seething with lead these days! Did you also hear the thing on NPR about the grandma who went around and tested baby things (not toys - the bit I heard was bibs) with lead test kits and found enormous amounts of lead in them?

The Chinese manufacturers just don't give a shit about American babies, do they? (I mean, I guess, why would they - most Americans don't give a shit about Chinese babies, either, but at least they're not actively trying to kill them...)

Hi I'm Troy McClure. You might remember me from such educational films as "Here Comes the Metric system!" and "Lead Paint, Delicious but Deadly!"

Troy: Apparently, lead paint is just fine for our youth. But the metric system? Very, very bad.

Heath: Hmmmm...I wonder why outsourcing everything is so much cheaper?

CS: Do you think I can blame confusing my lefts and rights on lead paint exposure? I'd really like to blame it on something.

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