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June 16, 2007


OMG! I have the same photo!! Well - not exactly the same photo. But that's what my kindergarten class looked like too. I wish I could figure out my stupid scanner so I could share embarrassing pictures too!

I love artichokes... but they are always crazy expensive here.
Have you ever fried them? We had some in Rome~ 'Jewish style'. Kind of like chips.

Alright, I understand the concept of literary license and all, but how Tammy can call stuffed artichokes one of my favorite recipes is beyond me. I may be the only family member who doesn't like them but I don't like them! Turns out she hadn't tested any of my truly favorite recipes in time for Father's Day so she decided to substitute one of HER favorites instead and count on advancing senility to keep me from noticing!

Dad: Nope. I was counting on you noticing.

Sandi: I love artichokes, too, stuffed and fried. See the fried artichoke recipe here:

Sally: Bring on the embarrassing photos!

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