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June 08, 2007


Man - does that look good! Question: wouldn't a meringue be a good topping for this? I love the idea of a half chocolate-half vanilla pie.

That pie couldn't be any more perfect. You make the family proud.

That looks great, truly tasty! And what a great story to go along with it!
My gran used to love condensed milk on a sandwhich, as something sweet, during the war!

Looks wonderful. I'll give this a try!

Galliano recipe: 1 rocks glass, 4 large ice cubes, 3 fingers of Galliano.. heaven. =)


Lisa: Thanks for the recipe. I have half a mind to triple it after the day I've had.

Holler: Who doesn't like condensed milk on bread? I like your Gran, already.

Sandi: I hope they're not rolling in their graves.

Sally: Meringue, maybe. Or whipped cream, like an American cream pie. Yeah, half chocolate/half vanilla is a stroke of brilliance. Especially for the two lucky people who end up with a little of both in their slices.

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