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June 18, 2007


Oh, shiz, I was belly laughing.
Urk. Oops, up came a bone.
'Scuse me, I'm unforgiveable.

Aa far as I'm concerned, a picked-clean chicken bone looks the same whether the meat was chewed off or hacked off with fork and knife. It doesn't bother me in the least to see chicken bones, T-bones, lobster shells, and other de-meated inedibles on a diner's plate, regardless of how fancy the restaurant.

That is just hilarious.... but, on the same topic, how would you eat a lobster? Can't really get in there with a fork and knife, and I'm sure as heck not going to eat the shell!

perhaps they should stick to vegetarian restaurants.

Sunny12: Artichokes might still pose a problem.

JS: I think the rule of thumb is if they give you a bib and lobster crackers, hack away. If not, the meat is probably mostly deshelled, and it's knife and fork all the way. Then, suck on the shells when no one's looking.

Karen: Yeah, bones are bones. It's a hacked-up dead animal no matter how you look at it.

CC: We need to genetically modify animals to have no bones.

I'm from the South (not far from Appalachia myself) and around here it would be fish bones ... even when they're fileted (sp?) well, they still pop up. Of course my great-grandfather always ate them. Good for you, he'd say, or so I've been told.

Oh Tammy, you made me laugh so hard, I almost choked on a watermelon. I guess eating lunch and catching up on food blogging can be dangerous :)

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