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June 06, 2007


The first few weeks of a farm share are amazing - how am I supposed to use all those greens??? But you'll get in the habit and yes, probably lose a little weight* from eating such a vegetable-heavy diet. To get rid of the aphids, the spinach under water, then spray 'em hard. Then spin.

*Though god knows you don't need to.

Hey, you fixed the webby stuff! I can comment freely now!

I know - real organic garden produce is great in theory, but buggy and holey and splotchy in practice. (Of course, delicious in practice too - but you have to be a pretty tough guy during the clean-and-prep phase.)

I think you'll be surprised at the gross things that want to share your veggie plot with you, too. Corn worms (the yuckiest!) and tomato beetles and grubs of various sorts and spiders (and their webs.) Ewwwww.

Heath: Glad my site is finally able to perform the most basic of functions. Yes, ridding all that spinach of aphids was a little labor-intensive. Especially when I knew it was just going to cook down to a few spoonfuls. But, oh, what tender, delicious spinach it was.

Pyewacket: Do you know that I don't own a salad spinner? True story. Don't eat much salad. When I need to spin, I wrap up the lettuce in two dish towels and wheel my arm around real fast, like a windmill. Classy. The aphids just hung on tight and enjoyed the ride.

The earlier posters beat me to it -- a salad spinner will send those aphids straight to centrifugal heaven. No fuss, no muss. But you've got to let them soak first.

Our garden produces a few heads of lettuce-like things each year (to steal your nomenclature, it's wife's job to plant them and know what they are) and the number of bugs hitching a ride is kind of crazy.

I'm sort of the mind, however, that cooking and eating a few aphids probably never hurt anyone.

You are too funny. I can't wait to see how this CSA thing goes for you. Just wait till the tomatoes come -- you'll be so happy you're doing it.

Jen: Tomatoes and corn, baby. That's what I'm in it for. Tomatoes and corn.

Hater: I wasn't of that mind in the beginning, but after an hour of debugging, I was all, who the fuck cares? I just grated some black pepper on the cooked spinach and enjoyed the denial.

Seriously. The corn. WATCH OUT for the corn worms.

You're freaking me out, Heath.

Heath is right about the corn - there are worms and they are creepy. But here's the flip side: conventionally grown corn in New England is often sprayed as much as FOUR times a DAY during the later part of the growing season to maintain that perfect, worm-free state. Four times a day. I would rather eat the worms.

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