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May 01, 2007


Oh, if I were a US Citizen I would wholeheartedly appose a stamp of my anatomy (bump n' all) on this petition. I still can't believer you read enough of the GMA one to pick up all that jargon :-)

Did you ever see "Field of Dreams"? Remember the scene at the town meeting when Ray's wife (whatshername?)was going toe-to-toe with that other woman about banning books and Ray has another vision and drags her out of the meeting and she's just bouncing on her toes because she's jazzed about saying just the right thing to that woman and for fighting back and she's so excited she can hardly contain herself? That's how I'm picturing you right now. YOU GO GIRL!

Norma Rae!
Tammy for president!

sign me up, please! i'm average. i'm a citizen. i like real food.

You rally for "real food" as opposed to "fake food" yet list off a number of highly-processed foods such as Goldfish and fish tenders on your "do not touch" list.

Perhaps you are illustrating the American conundrum of seeking "real" but, due to the myriad challenges of modern life and the sultry siren song of convenience, settling for "fake"?

Or maybe you just like Goldfish.

Delicious Conundrum: Ironic, isn't it?

Margaret, CC, ASMO: Thanks for joining the force.

Sally: Every once in a while, something rouses me from my apathy.

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