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May 07, 2007


Yes starve them until they do their duty! That's the way! (Does it work with kids and husbands too do you think?)

Once had a mouse die in an apartment wall. Stunk to high heaven, but every place we opened the wall we couldn't find it. Eventually the smell went away. Ugh.

With 4 cats in the house, mice were never our problem. Rocky was the hunter of the clan and you never knew what you'd find bleeding on the kitchen floor in the morning. However, it's the baby bunny tails that always got me... where was the rest of it I wondered? The picture of that always made me gag a little (and watch where I stepped).

Oh!! Moussaka!! I just got it!! duoh!

My cat does nothing. Okay well I guess that isn't necessarily true. She eats, she shits and she naps. If she has any spare time between those activities she enjoys sneaking up on me while I'm walking and then weaving her body between my legs assuring me of a face plant to the carpet.

Yes there is nothing like facial rug burns caused by feline evilness. God.


Lisa: I know what you mean about the face-plants. If the cats don't get me, the kids sure do.

Sally: I thought bunny tails were the cotton candy of the working cat.

Luther: Dead mouse smell is the gift that keeps on giving. I thought we had that problem, too, but it turns out it was just a can of old garbanzo beans in the back of the fridge. So sorry about your walls, and thanks for visiting!

Ilva: It's been working so far. Sort of.

We are working on "Operation Enduring Freedom -- for Our Cats," finding a way to remove our two cats from our equation before we move. My justificaiton: my brother is deathly allergic to them and hasn't been able to visit my home in the 7 years since he moved to Boston. My other justification: I hate them, and they hate me. Initially I was considering only cruelty-free means to do so; now I am willing to ask no questions and even write a big check. Any takers?

I know a crazy guy in Worcester with 6 million cats. What's two more?

I would like to add Sidney and Mr. Nathan to the list. Glad to hear that someone else out there hates their cats as much as I hate mine.

Catching 1 or two mice in ten years doesn't make up for the vomit, damage to furniture and moulding, scratches and bites, shed fur, allergy attacks, and other indignities.

If I was allowed, they would be gone tomorrow. Ed, do the right thing and keep your new home free of cats!

oh, i can't let the cat-haters take over! I adore my cats, fur and all. I don't think they'd kill a mouse though, they'd probably look to me for protection.

And shouldn't it be "mouse-saka"? Good accompniment with the ratattouille!

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