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May 30, 2007


Wait.. you have to help me understand this thinning thing. I don't geddit.

I just planted a swiss chard plant - it's got funky colored "stems?" and lil leaves - are you telling me I can eat those?? And this radish thing? What's going on there? And all of this nipping and eating is going to make your plants grow bigger and produce more?

you'ff goth thum ethplainin to dooo loooocy.


If you want your tomatoes to take off, lay down that red plastic/vinyl stuff that helps retain heat. I forget what it's called -- that's my wife's responsibility -- but it made a huge difference for us.

Hater: Good advice. With the dark brown shingles enclosing the tomatoes on two sides, though, I might be worried about the sun's rays igniting them. Is it possible to set tomato plants aflame in this way and, if so, wanna come over and watch it?

Lisa: Well, I ate them and I didn't die. The radish sprouts were the best. I'm just blindly following the seed packet instructions, so I've got no answers for you. If you're not going to thin, though, let's compare notes at the end of the season and see if it really does make a difference.

I can't wait to see a pic of you garden when the tomatoes get bigger. You'll see what I mean mid-July.

Oh, and the one in the back left side of the pic - are you sure that's a tomato? Looks more like a pepper plant to me! And you're lucky only one zuccini seed germinated. One plant will furnish enough zuccini to feed your entire neighborhood. I can't imagine what you'd do if all 16 had germinated and bore fruit!! But it sure would have made for interesting posts.

You took the CAPTCHA out?!?

Sally: Not intentionally. I think Typepad's having some issues.

Regarding the odd plant, that's supposedly a Brandywine tomato plant. There was some mention of it having unusual potato-like leaves. I hope the garden people weren't messing with me, but even if they were, I like peppers, too. Can't wait to find out.

There is a large, cream-colored tomato called "White Wonder". Could that have been it?

Hmmm. Could be, Sarah. I just looked up some pictures and it meets the specs. Even has very few seeds which is VERY IMPORTANT to me. Thanks for the tip.

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