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May 25, 2007


Wow! Talk about an easy recipe. They look delish. I noticed the bottle of milk right off as well as the china cups and saucers. Your family was really classy.

I love that fun photo~ you can just feel the closeness.
The cookies look great too!

They look delish. I've never had a pignolis! Can ya believe it? Sheltered life I've lived...


Lisa: That's the beauty of Italian food. There's always something you haven't tried.

Sandi: Makes me want to have known them when they were young.

Sally: They are easy. Really moist and chewy, too. This recipe's a gem.

My Mom was all Italian and she was a great cook. She taught me to cook when I was nine years old. She also taught me how to sew and embroider when was even younger. That was her legacy to me. I am so greatfull for all she taught me. I use everything she ever taught me every day. She used to make annisett biscotti and on Easter egg basket cookies. They were yummy. I love to bake and make cookies for a small restaurant and other shops are interested in my baked goods. I enjoy baking and cooking very much. I love the scents of the spices and flavors I use for the cookies. I use several of my Mom's recipes and it feels like home to me. I miss my Mom as she has passed on but when I am baking she is right there with me. Thanks for sharing your family's recipes. The girls have the same type of hair dos as my Mom did when she was young.

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