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May 18, 2007


Great post and picture! I love these kinds of stories and I hope your dad feels properly honored!

Certainly a beautiful baby and the story is wonderful. Great meatballs!

I am blinded by the gorgeousness of that baby! Why he puts the Gerber baby to shame. Well if he was that beautiful then I have no doubt that his children are of equal stunning-ness! (I just woke up)

I need to go get my sunglasses.. back later.


Too cute! These are the kind of pictures parents bring out at graduation time to embarrass their children. Are you embarrassed yet Dad? LOL

What a great story!
The 'neked' baby picture is the perfect ending. Precious~

Once again I find I must compliment the incredible sophistication, refinement, discrimination, intellect and discernment of this blog's readership. It is unusual to find such a large number of individuals with such exquisite taste in one place.

I've been waiting to get my hands on these balls ever since I put meat back on the menu! Thanks Sis!

Oh, and disinterested observer, you were pretty cute as a baby. Must be where I get it from, eh?

Trish note: Do not substitute ground turkey for the beef. You will be very disappointed, as was I :(.

Yeah, don't do that. And don't get the 99% lean meat, either. You need that fat. Fat tastes good.

Wow! I don't think I ever knew that! As I was reading the previous entry (world war II) I was thinking "but then how is it that Margie and Freddie and Eddie look alike?" now I know.

I have old 8mm film waiting to be transferred to DVD of Eddie (I think) dancing up a storm at Marge and Mal's wedding. Someday it will get done!

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