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April 01, 2007


Your dad is silly. The blog is not boring and the recipes sound yummy. can't wait to try the clam sauce.

Mind you, most dads are silly.

oh, and a topic for the pseudo-chef--is it okay to use Oxo cubes? All the cook books turn their nose up at them, but well, it's handy! And I don't purchase enough meat and bones to make stock, and even if i did, it would likely go bad before I got around to making it. But everyone makes it sound like it's the most horrible thing to do. Advice please.

It's hard to believe Tammy's Dad is silly! From what I've seen of his posts he is quite intelligent, witty and urbane. Tammy should be thankful for having such a father as he. Why it wouldn't be out of line for her to make him some baklava or key lime pie as a reward for his keen and perceptive observations.

funny...my dad would say the same thing.

Sorry, disinterested observer, I can't respond to your comment because I'm too busy falling asleep from reading my own blog.

Sunny12: That's a good question, and I'll have the Pseudo-Chef get right on it when she wakes up from her nap. If she ever wakes up (it's soooo boring around here). E-mail me the name you want me to use and the state you're from.

Your husband's quote is soooo my husband!

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