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April 08, 2007


My friend Anna give me these every now and then when I’m working in her house. I love the sickly sweetness of them and mine is gulped down in an instant. Being a little more restrained she saves hers until later, in a high cupboard in the kitchen, away from her lurcher Max who has a sweet tooth and a wicked way with chocolate.

Imagine the sound of a hundred people wretching and vomiting. That's my comment...

Sister: Hater!

CS: You have good taste in friends. And I have a similar little lurcher. Only, it's his Easter basket, so I guess that makes me the lurcher.

Thanks Easter Bunny.

Bock bock.

I'm with sister. The Cadbury Egg makes me cringe. My mother and my sister can't stay away from them, but I can't even think about them without getting woozy. I'm all about the malted eggs. And I had NONE all weekend. NONE. Those relatives, in spite of their wonderful guest room and splendid spread, are off my list.

One word: GROSS

hahahaaa! Well I can't say as I share your affection for the creme egg - unfortunately they make my teeth shiver and my jaws tighten up like a vise - but I applaud your poetic talent!

Very funny. =)


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