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April 22, 2007


So give me his number! easy to tell us to con him into SHARING if you don't give us his number...bad friend as well...hmm.....

Your Dad is quite a guy! A real class act! As an impartial and totally objective reader of this blog, I find your posts about your Dad to be the most interesting. You should do more.

I don't remember actually giving you the coplets! As I recollect, I was just starting to tell you that I needed them back when you snatched them up, ran to the kitchen, threw them into the freezer and barred the door with a triple gauge, industrial strength padlock. All before my sentence was completed! I was amazed! I hadn't seen you move that fast as a member of the High School track team!

Boy, that Disinterested Observer is sharp as a tack, isn't he?

Gee, how did Disinterested Observer's name get associated with my last response? Tammy, you really need to get the glitches ironed out of your comments section.

Dad: I don't think there's a future for you in international espionage. But, if anyone's looking for a pastry chef...

Ilva: Bad friend, bad wife, the list goes on.

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