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April 03, 2007


3 of my favorite blogsters...I can always count on y'all for great recipes.
Sometimes I think the only thing that keeps me cooking is the fact I have to have something to write about.

Oh you know I'm really flattered here. But I honestly don't dare to delve into which part of the body the 4 year old was referring to (and whose anatomy) but I'm sort of convinced that your Dad wouldn't be able to call it a Girlie Soup if it is what I think. Or am I wrong? Again?

UUh, the espinacas con garbanzos! Yummy! I made it too, as you might have sussed and it beats my until-then favourite of spinach with garlic and lemon juice.

How was the basmati in the mujadara? I actually went looking for a recipe for this a couple night ago (because I have to wean myself off the Shwarma King!) and I used long grain because I thought the basmati might not play nice with the lentils and meld. And I frid the crap out of some onions and used them as garnish . YUM. i love the stuff!

I have to reaffirm my "girly" comment. Where's the meat, the potatoes, the cholesterol, the empty calories, the saturated fats.....you know, the good stuff?
By the way, why is everyone confusing me with "Disinterested Observer"? Granted, the gent is obviously very sharp, quite clever and highly perspicacious, but that doesn't necessarily mean it HAS to be me!

As you always say, Dad, you are the last of the Renaissance Men. From the actual Renaissance, that is.

Marika: Some heated words were exchanged, but they eventually played nice in the end.

ASMO: I couldn't believe how good it was. Love your new site, by the way.

Ilva: My son thought it was "American Soup" instead of "Asparagus Soup," so you can see how he might have had second thoughts.

Sandi: It's just the kick in the pants I need.

And did I mention that it's snowing today? With bonus sleet and hail. I love New England.

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