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April 27, 2007


Man those women sure knew how to dress, didn't they. Rice pie?! I can't wait to see what that is.

What a wonderful picture! I've just been going through old trunk at my Grandma's house and have found some great pics like this one.

Great article and wonderful recipe! Very informative!

Wow.. I've never heard of putting vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon IN a dough pie crust. Your Aunt Dava was (is?) a genius! Oh and I covet that dress.. I'd never get my thigh into it, but it's just gorgeous.


Hi Tammy,

Thanks so much for taking the time to describe the dough recipe in detail. I find that too many recipes skimp on the dough explanation and that's the hard part. Do you ever notice that great tasting doughs are always a pain in the ass to work with? My favorite breads have doughs so wet, you can't pick them up at all, my pasta dough is so stiff, it takes serious effort to knead it, and my pie dough barely holds together. But these annoying doughs always end up tasting great and whenever I've tried "comfortable" doughs, they don't seem to be as yummy. I really wish I could do both because my students often ask for doughs that are easier to handle. Do you make your own pasta? If you have any tips, we should get together for a pasta making day sometimes :)


Did you ever have the Ricotta pie at Lucibello's (corner of Olive and Grand), at any time before, say 2000, or whenever all the recipes changed? The crust was not quite like a soft sugar cookie. It was almost cakey.

My husband has a rice-pie recipe from his Great-Aunt (also of New Haven). It is an oil-based crust. We think it is supposed to be like Lucibello's former Ricotta pie crust. We just can't get it quite right. Probably, just too much flour. Do you know anything about this kind of crust?

Thanks for providing such a great recipe from the past.

I'll give it a try tomorrow.

Selena Ksena

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