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April 02, 2007


Oh, you devlishly home-baking maven, you!

I grew up on mixes, and therefore I use them. I know perfectly well how awful they are, but I like that taste. I can't help it.

I cannot, however, get used to those bakery ones. Unless they're a really GOOD bakery.

The baseball? You're on your own. We don't follow it.

Gee, sounds like something your Dad might like!

"Disinterested observer" - TFF! Dad - you're such a cut-up. And the cake looks devine Tammy.

Gorgeous cake, Tammy! And happy belated birthday to your husband. =)

Argh! All those hours I slaved to make you creative and delicious cakes! Now I find out you were pissed! I'm driving to your house right now with a Barbie cake, and you're going to eat every bite of it, young lady!

Mom: Make it a Wonder Woman cake, and you've got yourself a deal. And, can you buy me some Wonder Woman Underroos while you're at it?

Lisa, Sally: Thanks, but I can't take all the credit. The 4-year-old helped with the frosting. Did you think I could make it look that good by myself?

DO: Funny, because my dad got his very own homemade birthday cake just a few weeks ago. Didn't he tell you? A post on that is coming soon.

TSM: There's no shame in that. I love boxed brownies. Last year, I came up with a recipe from scratch specifically to replicate boxed brownies. Then, I had to ask myself: Why? Thanks for visiting!

I got an A in biology. My mom baked me cookies.

You got an A? Where were you when I needed you?

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