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April 12, 2007


You lost me at the part where you stick the chicken carcass in your purse, bag it up tight, and throw it in the freezer. If my purse is going to be in the freezer for a couple of months, should I use my Sunday purse instead?

Hmmm. Is it leather? I'd have to say that leather purses make the best stock. They add a meaty flavor of their own. Also, if you keep it well-stocked with lipstick, mints, loose change, etc., you might not need any additional aromatics.

I tried to put a carcass in my purse once. I had to chop him up into tiny pieces. It was a mess. Totally ruined that purse, but I also totally got out of that relationship. I guess it was worth it.

I still miss the purse a little bit.

I never thought about stealing someone else's carcass. I don't think that's the sort of thing we do in Canada, but maybe it is time to start!

Seriously, you've never used Oxo cubes? Actually, they aren't the best, but sometimes that's all i have lying around.

Sunny12: Just goes to show that the U.S. and Canada really aren't just one big country. Our supermarkets carry totally different stuff. Carcass-stealing is all the rage down here. We're really not very nice.

Mist 1: Yeah, it's really better to double-bag in that type of situation. You only have to make that mistake once.

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