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March 15, 2007


I totally want to have a farm. But I want to be a gentleman farmer, like E. B. White. I will have a hired hand (or several!) to do all the dirty work. Everything involving shit, or 4 am. Or killing cute, sad-eyed, tasty things.

Or working outside weeding in the middle of the hot, hot day. Oh, and bugs - anything where there are a lot of bugs.

So, I guess my farming will consist of staying inside in the A.C. and reading food blogs.

Now, that's what I call farming!

Your post reminded me of a favorite joke of my father-in-law's: 'Last night, I dreamt I ate a goose, feathers and all. And this morning, my pillow was gone' :-)

In the resturant business...you don't own a resturant~ a resturant owns you!
I wonder if it is the same in a free range chicken farm?
No thank you! I'll get mine from the market.

If the chicken owns you, then who owns the egg? I guess the chicken does. For some reason, I thought the answer would be more complicated than that.

Also, feathers aren't very filling.

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