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March 07, 2007


What could be bad?

I'm so with you.. Spanish, Mexican - Oh. Yeah. Baby. I could live on the sizzlin shrimp in garlic. *swoon*

In the "translated" portion of today's post, I found these particular sentences to be the most revealing about the author - We have many things in common, such as I enjoy much heavy in my food as well..

"In the food, that I like much, there is much heavy. Flan, if. They flan much. Cheese, if, if, if. Mayonnaise throughout. Much fish eats, is truth, but to joder, we have fish here also. We are not skinny."

This posts couldn't have been better timed for me. I spent a good amount of time yesterday perusing cookbooks looking for a good ethnic cookbook. I'm trying to get away from the food I've been eating all my life and branch out into sassier and healthy foods. Thanks for the push.

I am so coming over to eat, and staying forever to eat some more. Bringing one big-eating small boy, one big-eating medium-sized husband, and two cats prone to brawling. Be there by dinner.

The whole problem with this "eat ethnic" thing is that, even within the country you choose to cook from, the various regions have different cuisines and methods of cooking. Look at Italy for example. So you want to cook Spanish - ok - from where? Northern Spain? Southern Spain? Perhaps closer to Portuguese? I'll just keep cooking Midwestern (i.e. stealing recipes from everywhere and using a LOT of cream of mushroom soup.)

So true, Sally. There's the whole regional thing, plus various cultural lifestyle factors, not to mention the unknowns related to genetics. But, heck, I'm just looking for an excuse to OD on garlic shrimp. (As if I needed one.)

SqueezyB, you're always welcome to join our circus.

Julie, sassy, definitely. Healthy? We'll see. It seems to work for the Spanish.

Lisa, it's important to get your recommended daily allowance of heavy.

Karen, you're right. There's absolutely nothing bad about it!

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