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March 19, 2007


No wait.. look at it this way - you're providing shelter for one of God's creatures.. he was outside shivering, his lil buckies were clattering - and now he's nice and warm and leaving you lil pellet presents!

Ohh.. yeah that doesn't sound as good as I thought.

Well at the very least, I hope someone is holding your hair back for you!!

This could be an excellent opportunity for your cats to step up and prove their value.

The cats squandered their last chance at proving even a smidgeon of value when they watched the mouse run across the kitchen floor and did nothing.

Maybe we won't feed them for a few days....

You need to carry plastic bags with you.

Do you mean to dispose of the lifeless bodies of my traitorous cats? Or for the mice who will soon be drowning in a sea of vomit?

Let me just confirm... you may think it is just one mouse... but there are more.

FYI - we found a humane trap and it did work. Below is a link... you know... in case the vomit thing doesn't work for you.


Good luck!

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