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March 01, 2007


Very very good with beer, and I demand some credit for providing much-needed elbow grease for the mortar & pestle shrimp action. No easy task, but worth it!

And the extra fresh sprouts at the end add a cool, crunchy texture to the rest of the cooked ingredients - much like a McDLT.

This is also important.


This is the dish for me, as I am a fan of Pad Thai, and also very lazy.

Where does one find dried shrimp? Oriental grocery?

Heath, yeah. Refrigerated section.

Husband, I meant to give you proper credit for your amazing mortar skills (or is it pestle skills?), but I didn't want to give away my pathetic shrimp-crushing abilities in case Pim still wanted to fight. Sorry about that. Extra points for the McDLT reference, though.

Points removed for the Mayor McCheese reference.

I had a client that looked like Mayor McCheese. We called her Mayor McCheese. She is no longer a client.

Cookin with gas...
Now you are ready for anything!

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