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March 04, 2007


I hereby announce the formation of the Nonni fan club. I will be the president. I will send her a postcard and let her know how much I am enjoying learning all about her and her wonderful cooking. (You know I'm not kidding! E-mail me her address.)

She is famous. I really dig the family food stories, especially the nonni stories.

Just tell her that she has fans out here, SqueezyB, I want to become a member!

Now that my famous daughter has made my mom famous, I hope she can find a little time for her dear old dad! Hollywood hasn't called yet and I'm getting a bit worried!

Dad, I do believe you'll be receiving some unexpected visitors soon. Pay no attention to the straight-jacket they put you in. It's the new Hollywood style.

A fan club for Nonni? Thanks, guys. She'll be so thrilled!

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