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March 18, 2007


Okay so fish sticks are the processed pieces of fish, smooshed together in a log shape and coated in breadcrumbs, yes?

So.. we all know what hot dogs are made of.. does this mean that fish sticks are made from the same parts?

Also, quite frankly I would have went with the cheddar cheese fish crackers in lieu of the pizza flavored. But that's just me.

I love that analytical brain of yours!

Ugh! Just *ugh*. I'm not a fan of fish sticks. But I agree that the Fish Tenders are pretty good.

Sally: They're my favorite fast food. Plus, they're a good intro to real fish, which my kids will now eat.

Ilva: If only they had offered Junk Science as a major. Or, rather, Junk Food Science.

Lisa: I think you're right. So why do hot dogs taste so delicious and regular old fish sticks taste like crap?

Also, I love how the recipe says: Serve Immediately. Why the sense of urgency? Which part of the meal will lose its lustre after a 20-minute delay?

Clearly, this recipe should have been called "Fish on the Fish".

We can't eat fish sticks in our house because, as they were Juliet's mom's go-to meal when there was to be a babysitter, which apparently was quite often, thus Juliet associates them too closely with abandonment.

I can't believe this is real. In fact, I didn't believe it until I just found it on the Gorton's site as well: http://www.gortons.com/recipe/00000040

I have to go pick my jaw up off the floor now.

Well it is the lips and bunghole of the pig that make hotdogs so scrumptious, maybe in fish sticks, those parts are not used in lieu of some other parts that just aren't as lip smacking (no pun intended) good?

Clearly someone needs to call the Gorton's Fisherman or get an e-mail out to Mrs. Paul STAT.

Lisa: I'm not eatin' no Mrs. Paul fish sticks. I have to draw the line somewhere. I did send an e-mail to Gorton's, however, as is my way. But if they're anything like the good folks at Dunkin' Donuts, they'll just ignore me.

Jen: It's real.

Harrison3: That's not such a bad thing, in this case.

Husband: Maybe I should rename my blog.

Hold the fish log. Hold the cheese can. Just gimme the fish-shaped pizza-flavored crackers and a bottle of 'Gansett.

Funny, that's exactly what my kids said.

That box of fish sticks has clearly been in your freezer since 1972.
Don't forget, we already know your propensity for expired foodstuffs.

If Gorton's plays their cards right (i.e., removes the recipe from their Web site), they might have a good argument there. I'd be powerless against it.

Sure glad I bought the 10 crunchy golden fish fillets and not the 6 in the 11.5 ounce
today as I already at most of them

i think i just threw up in my mouth a little.

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