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March 23, 2007


Sounds really, really good! I like the picture too - such a pretty wedding dress =)

Wonderful old picture and gorgeous wedding dress.
I love Restraint is utterly foolish.
Sort of like Resistance is futile!

Tanna's read "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"!!! Yea Tanna! One of my fav's too. And I totally love Restraint is utterly foolish too. You have such a great grandma!

I first had fried artichokes in Rome. I have not been able to find the baby's in Alabama...but when I do I am going to fry them for sure!
I love the picture~ so poignant!

Thanks, everyone. I knew someone would get the Borg parallel, though I tried hard to disguise it.

Your aunt Marge (or did you call her Maggie? we called her Margie) must have been named after her grandmother Margarite?
I love looking at family history and seeing names being passed down.

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