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March 02, 2007


My family's sauce is made with the parsley, basil & oregano, lotsa garlic & onion - it's cooked for hours until it turns a deep dark red, and this is what I've known as sauce my whole life. A dear friend of mine, her family makes their sauce very similar to how your grandmother made hers.. at first I was skeptical because there were no spices.. but then I made it for a special lasagna recipe of her mother's. Holy cow - it's an excellent sauce! The pork is what I love the most - it lends such a rich flavor. Next time I make it, I'll give your grandmother's recipe a try!

When Nonni told me the recipe, I was surprised that there weren't any herbs in it. I just assumed there were. I never noticed the lack of flecks. But, it just seemed too flavorful of a sauce to be that simple. You're right, though. It's all in the pork. Okay, garlic, you get a little bit of credit, too. But, porkety, pork, pork, pork...

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