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March 26, 2007


Cindy, click on the link to that cookbook and tell me if that cover doesn't ring a bell. I swear it was you who loaned it to me.

Yup, that's the cookbook alright that is sitting on the shelf downstairs. Ah well. If I can blame the forgetfulness on pregnancy, well then excellent! How nice to be able to blame the forgetfulness, stupidity, crankiness, laziness, hunger, and clumsiness all on the 9 months!

Thanks for sending me BACK the recipe!

... because I am incredibly absent-minded and forgetful. Also, I must insist that your generalizations about pregnant women are *not* true for my lovely wife. Particularly if she's reading this. (I am deathly afraid of her. Please, someone send help.)

Harrison3, the craziness affects people in different ways, to be sure. Also, "quirkiness" is the preferred term to use when addressing an actual prego. "Crazy" goes over less well.

Cindy,I misplaced my car when I was pregnant. My CAR.

I can't prove it scientifically as the test group is somewhat small (i.e. me) but I'm afraid that pregnancy does lower your IQ, after three pregnancies (well it isn't surprising after all that I got pregnant the third time if this IS true)I definitely am getting stupider and stupider. Sorry Tammy, there's no hope.

I seriously hope it's not permanent. I used to be able to hold my own in grad school, but now I'm like the scrapings off the bottom of the dumbest kid in my cohort's shoe. I just stay away from campus as much as possible.

My professors with kids (I just almost typed "proffesors!" DUMB!) claim that your brains come back when you wean the kid.

Heath: Your proffesors are lyars. Let me geuss: they have tenure?

Ilva: The test group is now up to 4. Things aren't looking good. Maybe I'll just go ahead with that lobotomy and get it over with.

OMG you crack me up. : )

OMG you crack me up. : )

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