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March 21, 2007


I hate it when my husband's hammer isn't within reaching distance.

I too have a mallet and I find it works great to crush ice. Place a cube on a kitchen towel, fold the towel over the cube and start whacking - in this instance I believe the "whack-a-mole" technique would work best. Once you've whacked away, unfold towel and pick off shards of ice to give to your dogs on a hot summer day.. or, if you don't mind a lil lint, add ice to your favorite beverage.

I've never used it to beat my meat. I'll keep it in mind the next time the occasion arises. (no pun intended.. kinda)

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I only keep amusing spam. Culinaryartsonline, YOU WIN! Truth to be told, I think the info on my Web site is tremendous, too. But, Remo, don't you have anything exciting to add regarding meat mallets?

Meat Mallets would make an excellent band name. Although not as good as the Meat Puppets, who were an excellent band.

Hey ~ Don't forget the "meat beat manifesto"...

They scored a song on the Matrix soundtrack; Prime Audio Soup...

keeping with a cooking theme. somewhat.

Just saying the word *meat* out loud is music to my ears.

Really i love your music as will..

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