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March 11, 2007


Once upon a time Rachel Ray might have been the donut-lovin' girl next door, a perfect choice to save DD, but I fear she's become a face-time whore.

Hopefully she'll prove me wrong and I'll soon see that chocolate-covered honey-dipped on the menu.

A related question. What's your take on the Honey Dew?

I often stop at Honey Dew on the way to work for a cup of coffee. Their donuts are not bad, but pale in comparison to "real" doughnuts. Still much better than Dunkin though.

When I was young, a friend of the family would appear on occasion, always with a box of Honey Dews. I liked to toast (odd, why did I think to do this? no idea) the blueberry glazed cake donuts and butter them. I loved them, and still have to drive through and get one every now and again for nostalgia's sake. Though the thought of slathering it with butter now grosses me out.

This is good. Rachel Ray was in imminent danger of becoming commercially underexposed.

H3, I guess looking at yourself in the mirror isn't enough these days.

SqueezyB, I'm intrigued by your blueberry-doughnut-butter-slathering ways. I may have to give this a try. Regarding Honey Dew v. Dunkin' Donuts doughnuts, I can only speak from the chocolate honey-dipped perspective, but Honey Dew seems to have a leg up on the glaze. Their glaze stays on the outside of the doughnut instead of soaking in all greasy-like. But, as my husband mentioned, they're still not good.

Also, just to clarify, because it's really important, the chocolate honey-dipped is the chocolate doughnut with the clear glaze all over it. The chocolate frosted doughnut is a yellow doughnut with chocolate frosting on the top. They're completely different animals. However, I could only find a chocolate frosted piece of clipart for Ms. Ray's halo, so I blame myself for the confusion.

Gee, I've only seen her once in my life (as a captive audience on my car dealer's waiting room TV while getting my car's annual inspection). I guess I need to get out more!

Oops. I got it wrong. But I knew which doughnut you meant. My husband loves the ones you didn't mean. My husband also thinks that photo of Rachel Ray up there with her doughnut halo is hysterical.

She does look rather angelic, doesn't she? But did you notice the Dunkin' Donuts color scheme going on in that pillow? I didn't touch that up at all. What a suck-up.

Dad, something's telling me you'll be seeing her again very soon.

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