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March 20, 2007


Well, maybe I chould come over and do the cat's job for you, once a mouse came out in my parent's kitchen, saw me and died instantaneously. You can imagine my Dad's mirth and how I had to suffer for years. But it was handy.

hahahaaa! So what's the status today? Is he/she still there? Have the cats been fed?

Oh, jeez, Ilva!! And I thought I wanted to be friends with you. :D
So, Tammy. Mice are cute. I mean it. Have you had a family of rats in your attic? That's not cute. Oh, not cute.
And with no cat to dispatch them, we had to use the trap and the peanut butter. Snap. Ick. Times seven.

Ilva: How soon can you be here?

Lisa: No sightings since the initial one. Traps have been set. Small ones for the mouse, extra-large ones for the cats.

CC: I'm sorry, did you just say seven exploding rats? Oh god...where's that plastic bag...

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