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March 12, 2007


Oh Thanks! But what a scary one this, do I really have to reveal a lot of things about myself like my age (i'm in a crisis right now about that because it's my birthday tomorrow and i can't handle this thing about not being able to adjust to an age that I never thought i would have/be, I suffer from the forever young syndrome you see) and what I have done?? I have to think about this...

Nah, you can make up your own rules. Leave out your age and start in whatever year you want. Or not. Like I said, I like cookies (although I think your recipe for orange and anise seed biscotti alone counts).

Happy UnBirthday!

Yikes, my first comment didn't stick yesterday! Just wanted to say thanks for playing along and that funnily enough, I ended up marrying a non-boring engineer too!

OK, but...
I have so many more, uh, increments than you (or Ilva, I suspect).

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