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February 19, 2007


Admittedly I haven't read all of your archives...but am I missing something here? Point me to the original post please. Love the name BTW!

...nameSSSS... rats (sorry)

Oops, forgot links. There, this might give you an idea of how I spend my free time.

lmaooooooooo..... I just got done reading your original letter. Girl - you should be writing for Hollywood!! I kid you not. Of course, you'd have to have Dad as your straight man. But you two could totally do that! God, you're funny.

Wow, me as a comedian and my dad as a straight man. You've obviously never met either of us in person! But thanks for the compliment!

In Boston there is a Dumpy Donuts on every corner...good for coffee anyway!
My sister lives in Norwell~ on the south shore. Still a southerner.

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