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February 14, 2007


And to a Brit the Spanish translations sound so much more appealing! Lovely blog by the way!

Spanish makes everything sound better, no?

I'd add Becks & Posh: El senor jugador del futbol y su esposa "Especia" con tatas, o, mas precisamente, Tapas

Que bueno, Pedazo Pequenito de Galleta! Estoy muy enfadada que yo no lo piense primero (pero todavia tengo hambre).

iEntonces, comemos!

I like that. It´s a good translation, although, just for the sake of being pedantic, I´ll tell you how they translated it in the movie Annie Hall: "la brigada langostera".


Soy un poco tardecito here, but I just discovered your blog and this entry. Very amusing and I love the blog translations. Well worth the one-hundred thousand dollars in tuition! Fijate que la palabra maricon is slang for f_ _ ...err gay. And maricones means f_ _ _...err gay people. I had to tell you for obvious razones! Hasta la proxima!

только тут реклама в прессе по приемлемой цене

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