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February 27, 2007


I never type "LOL" because, honestly, I'm not usually LOLing. I'm amused, but silently. But this post really did make me LOL.

finally a manly recipe, something to show off with! Thanks!

Those may be Sink Dogs, but they're definitely not Over the Sink Dogs. Not messy enough.

This made me chuckle. Manly men would eat more than one hot dog, wouldn't they? Or none at all being as how hot dogs are so phallic?

You're right, WC, I should have written *Repeat* in the recipe. My bad.

CC - Should we dump some leftover chili right over them? Yeah, that's definitely better. You got any leftover sauerkraut?

Does it work with burgers too?

Alright, the sink dogs are at least going in the right direction, but what ever happened to my Beanie-Weenies??? I mean, you simply can't ignore the classics!

Dad, your Beanie-Weenie recipe is part of the family cookbook, so look for it on a Friday. Plus, you haven't even been born, yet, in the chronology. Sheesh.

Awesome, Heath. That sounds even more scrumptious. E. coli never hurt anyone! Shall we include chicken breasts, too, so salmonella doesn't feel left out?

remember, it's not phallic if you start eating from the center... just a suggestion to complete the knuckle-dragging experience.

Good observation, Tim. In that case, you might need two forks. Wait a minute. Forks? No, no, no. Fingers, men, fingers.

I have to say, for a people who eschew pork, the Jews make a fine hot dog.

It's all thanks to their patented all-beef pork!

No... Moo.

How is it that I already knew the recipe for sink dogs, and why do I think that your hubby might have tipped you off to this particular recipe?
I am, nevertheless, willing to consider that the sink dog might be part of the collective post-college bachelor conscious.

More recipes for pre-cooked foodstuffs please!

You're very astute, seetipper. But, fear not, there are plenty more hot dog recipes where that came from.

I found you from Ilva.. and I want you to know I just had to explain to my boss why I snorked at my PC monitor. I told him I was choking on a throat lozenge. Next time, please warn me if you are going to be that funny.

I've only read one post so far.. can't say that I love your blog yet cuz I gotsta go look.. but I'm pretty confident that I'll be anxiously waiting for new posts in the near future. =)

Oh my gosh. This is so great. That got enough laughter out of me that I felt inclined to post a comment.

I discovered your blog a few days ago (googling mason jars no less) and have been working through it backwards. Your posts on local eating are so inspiring! I also love the conversations you type out.

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