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February 02, 2007


My, my, what a dad learns many years after the fact!! 5:30am huh? Well, at least someone got their money's worth!
BTW, we scientists can party! It's just that it's hard to dance to a seminar on Genetic Mapping of the 41C Resistance Marker in B. subtilis by Transformation and PBS-1 Mediated Transduction. I know, I've tried!

What would be funny would be to now insert your blog entry into an online translator and translate it back. For example, using Google's translation tools:

Hello. My father had a great idea. The good idea but in the whole planet. to translate my blogo in espanol from English. Because I have too many people whom they love to read my shining words in English, which sure there are but people who live in Latin America (and Espana). And it is a fact that Latin American the North Americans want to them as much, as much, as much, too much. Then, I am here.

Yep, that's pretty much right on target.

He nice, the Jesus.

Que lastima para tu papa! Muy divertido.

By the way, does "Mi padre es un poco loco" mean what I think it means?

maricon means faggot

Faggot, as in bundle of sticks? How insulting.

Great idea. I cannot wait to brush up on my Spanish!

excelente. yo puedo practicar mi espanol tambien! (es espanol de ristorante - pues, hable mucho de cosas de la cocina, por favor, y yo puedo comprender.) (pero, mis verbos son muy malos. mis amigos hispanos siempre me riojan, diciendo que yo hablo como un nino de dos anos. maricones.)

whew. it's been a long time. i need a nap now.

For you non-Spanish speakers, here is the rest of it translated per Google:

But it watches, in fact I am not going to translate this test. My father is a little crazy. Simply I am going to try to do it, but I am not going to do it. So that? Because to translate it, I need a dictionary. And my dictionary this over there, in another side of the quarter. I am a little vague. That? If, I that there am a dictionary in the computer, but it does not know it. Callate. Espanol does not speak. In addition, I have much I sound. I want to sleep.

In time, I am going to write to machine words so that it appears to translate it. For example, butterfly. Butterfly is a pretty word. Butterfly, butterfly, butterfly. Also, fag. My husband always calls fag to me. He does not know what means, and I either, but do not think that is just like butterfly. We are going to see.

I need parafo at least but. That I can write? Oh, I need a good prescription for Espanola tortilla. But good. Somebody?

I wonder if El Pais is looking for writers?

Hmm, I see you´ve never partied with Spanish scientists. They´re quite something!

Then I translated your first paragraph from Spanish to English, to Japanese, back to English, all on Google ...

Today. There was the thought of being good to my father. All planet it is good, but you think. In order to translate my blogo of espanol from English. In me it is truly there, but because, Latin America the people who have lived reading my shining word of English which loves even excessively there are many people (and in Espana). And as for that as for the Latin American North American person the rank fact of rank of the question lie which you think that the rank we want those, it is exaggerated. And, as for me it is here.

"Абсолют-Медиа" - эффективная реклама в прессе, недорого

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