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February 21, 2007


That dark brown bathroom is gorgeous. And I thought I would HATE it.

We just painted our bathroom in "Lime Sorbet". At the Ben Moore store, I have to force myself to choose a color based on the color itself, rather than its lovely name.

I *love* the green, and the banana picture is perfect in there! I'll bet the deep brown is gorgeous with sunlight pouring in. My painting fingers are just itching for my next project - the bedroom. I'm going a deep brown there too. I find painting very calming (when I'm not spilling it). You did a nice job Tammy.

Paint is hard.

I do, as a matter of fact, have a disturbing desire to lick my walls, especially if something was just sanded and there's a dusty layer of sawdust there. This only happens when I'm pregnant. Additionally, I ate sand, when pregnant, so the next time I'm pregnant I'm coming to lick your bedroom walls which appear to combine all of my favorite things. I also suck at picking paint colors so all of my walls are white. All of them. So, I think I'll go to Benjamine Moore and pick out my favorite foods and see if this solves the problem. Seems to have worked for you!

Boy, that Erin friend of yours sure knows her stuff! The brown is GORGEOUS (nice curtain, by the way, did you sew it yourself?). And, can't go wrong with Pear Green. Hey, is this your house or mine?

Erin, I shudder to think how I'd be living had you not intervened on several counts.

Sister, I believe that has a name: pica. As in, "Pica-boo, deliciousness. No one else can see you but me." I didn't experience that pleasure during pregnancy, but on any given day I think a tall glass of gasoline might hit the spot if it should taste as good as it smells. It can't possibly, though.

CC, yes. Very hard.

Thanks, Sally, Heath, X2. Lime sorbet sounds yummy.

I picked one of those New England sounding gold colors for my kitchen walls, and a green. We painted the first coat, I took a step back and yelped - "eek! Harvest gold and avocado green!" We re-painted with primer the next day.

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