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February 05, 2007


Did you really write to editor???

Oh, I can help: "delicioso." New, fresh, and appeals to your potential Spanish-speaking readership, too. I call that a CHECK-CHECK. You're welcome.

Perhaps your potential Spanish readers will greet you as a liberator.

How optimistic of you, Sr. Perdedor. I wonder what the Arabic word for delicious is?

CC, checking off two items in a single bound? That's genius. How about we also combine the other two unchecked items: photography class and saying nice things about my husband. I'll post a revealing photo of my husband with the caption "Muy Delicioso" and his cell number. If that doesn't win hearts and minds, I don't know what will.

Ilva, I did, in fact, write to the Globe editors. I said that the topic merits more in-depth coverage, that there's a lot more variety and talent out there that is consistently overlooked by the press (I cited a whole bunch of examples). And if they think blogs don't have any impact on the way people cook and the future of the publishing industry, then I think they're quite a bit mistaken.

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